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Arsenal Stadium

Arsenal and Emirates

As you know England has many football clubs and those bigger ones have their own stadiums. The history of English football clubs is also the history of the whole country, so it is good to know about some stadiums and even visit those places if it is possible. The third largest stadium in London is Arsenal Stadium in Holloway, London. The building itself is a huge one; it can host approx. 60,000 people. The place is also known as The Emirates Stadium. Wondering why? Because of the financial difficulties, the club needed a sponsor, so the Emirates Airline in 2004 signed a contract with the football club and became an official sponsor of the club that is why the Stadium is also known as the Emirates Stadium.

Football, concerts, events…

The stadium is a home to football matches but also it housed many important music concerts. If you can go to see the Arsenal Stadium you can find a bus connection or arrive here by the London Underground. Arsenal tube station is the closest one to the northern part of the stadium. The story of the team reaches the time when Arsenal football players were just a group of ambitious workers. Any true football fan should visit it at least once in a lifetime. If you like to see well-played and entertaining football this is the right place.


Get ready for noisy chanting fans of Arsenal cheering their favourite team. Modern stadium with big curved upper tier and roof and spectacular lights system. Perfect pitch. The logistics is well organised, so you can smoothly get in and leave stadium after the game. Place works like a well-oiled machine. There are comfortable seats with a lot of place for legs; stands are quite close to the pitch and you get a good view on what is happening on the grass; excellent facilities for a wheelchair users. Here you will find very attentive and helpful staff. This is stadium with a great ambience. Arsenal Stadium is also a fantastic place to spend time with children. The stadium has a big shop with everything a true Gooner (Arsenal fan) should be equipped. For Arsenal fanatics it’s a sacred ground that has seen countless battles between their favourite team and whoever had the courage to challenge them.

And after visiting such an amazing place that is the stadium you might want to go and see something else. When walking down the streets in Holloway you will notice some old buildings, small shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs. You might also want to see the University, which has breath-taking and old buildings. A stone throw away from the old Highbury grounds. It’s a definite must go in London whether you are an Arsenal fan or not.


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