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Barnet is an area near the northern border of Greater London that has given its name to the London Borough of Barnet. The suburban area itself is now called High Barnet or Chipping Barnet. It lies some 10 miles away from the Charing Cross in Central London. The actual name of a local London constituency is Chipping Barnet, which points to the fact that it has derived from a market. Until 1965, Barnet formed a part of the Hertfordshire County.

Barnet's History

The first records of Barnet come from circa 1070, when it was mentioned as Barneto. Most likely it derives from an Old English name baernet, meaning “a land cleared by burning”. The place is known as a site of the Battle of Barnet in 1471. When the Yorkist troops have clashed with the army of the House of Lancaster. Another thing from which Barnet is known is a famous horse fair that dates back to the late 16th century. Apart from the tube connection, Barnet is also easily accessible via the motorway, as it’s situated near the M25 motorway that forms the ring around Greater London.

Barnet's Football Club

Barnet’s local football club, Barnet F.C. is currently plays in the Football League Two. It is the fourth tier of English football. Among interesting places to see in Barnet are the Barnet Museum, the All Saints Art Centre and a venue of the Barnet Fair that is held annually.

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