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London Stadiums

Don’t tell me you never heard about Wembley? I have trouble to believe that. London Stadiums across the UK are more than just football matches played inside them. Therefore, they are undoubtedly an element of the cultural heritage that has grown into the consciousness of the British people. These facilities are second homes for communities of supporters. Consequently, often whole families dedicated for life to their local team. But the stadiums are also a place dedicated to culture and music. Great concerts of the best bands and vocalists resounded in the London. All thanks to does wonderful venues. Definitely worth of visiting.

Wembley Stadium

The Legendary When you think of London Stadiums, what comes to your mind? London is rich in interesting stadiums; they bring much attention to the city. When thinking about Football stadiums we often connect it only with football matches. The Wembley Stadium is the largest one in whole United Kingdom and the second-largest stadium in…

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Centre Court Wimbledon

Centre of entertainment As you have probably noticed while being in London you have a great opportunity to see some places of a great historical and cultural range. If you think that sightseeing for three or four days is enough – be sure that it is not enough. It is hard to estimate how many…

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Stamford Bridge – Chelsea Stadium

Chealsea Football Club When visiting London it is good to jump in and see some sport centre. England has many football teams and many stadiums.  But all those places added together create also a bit of English history and culture. Approximately every Englishman or woman is a fun of particular football team. Ladies and gentleman…

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White Hart Lane – Tottenham Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur F.C. When visiting Tottenham in London, be sure that here you will have a lot of fun. Many pubs and good restaurants are available. The English cuisine will make you feel like an Englishman on an English breakfast. Do not forget to do some shopping in the local boutiques; remember that London is…

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Arsenal Stadium

Arsenal and Emirates As you know England has many football clubs and those bigger ones have their own stadiums. The history of English football clubs is also the history of the whole country, so it is good to know about some stadiums and even visit those places if it is possible. The third largest stadium…

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Twickenham Stadium

Twickers London is a city with a variety of different interesting attractions, which are worth a visit. Museums, galleries, churches, cathedrals are the most common tourist places. London is also the hub of entertainment. Here you will find the biggest clubs, the best pubs and restaurants with a variety of cuisines. You are welcomed in…

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West Ham Stadium

Hammers! In England you will find a number of football clubs, each one of them has its fans and even stadiums. English people and many people from all around the world love football teams. The club was founded in 1895 and at those times it was won the Football League War Cup. The West Ham…

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