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London Transport

London is a huge city no questions asked. London transport has a difficult task to achieve. Both people that live inside this metropolis and outsiders visiting need efficient ways of travelling within the British capital. By effective transport I would define getting from point A to point B safely and as quick as possible. So the subject comes down to two concepts – security and time. In both cases the City of London fulfils its role at the highest standards offering various offers of public and private transport. From London Trail and DLR through London Underground popularly called the Tube and world famous Red Buses to London Taxis and Minicabs, Rickshaws and Santander Cycles. Everybody has there own opinion about which one is more efficient. Trip on a bike instead of daily routine sounds good? So go ahead and pick the method of transport that suits you the best.

London Rail

Overground As many people know, London is a huge city that is why it requires many kinds of public transport. As one might think, Londoners should buy cars and the problem would end, but certainly no. The problem would not end because there are already too many cars on the roads and for some people…

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London Tube

Famous Tube Have you ever heard about the London Underground? Commonly known as the Tube. Probably yes, because it is one of the most popular transports in the city. The Tube is a great way of public transport because it connects almost every place in London. London is a huge city and it is hard…

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London DLR

Docklands Light Railway London is a huge city. It is not surprising why so many kinds of public transport are required. Millions of people commute to work every day. Obviously, they need some transport to help them. The Docklands Light Railway is a part of Transport for London. It  gives people this alternative of changing…

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London Buses

Iconic Red Bus When you think about London, what often comes to your mind? How do you picture this city in your head? People have different associations with London, some of them are London Eye, Big Ben or the National Museum but for some people the main association are red buses. There is no doubt…

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London Taxis

Hey, Taxi! If you are late, nothing will keep you safe. None of the public transport will deliver you to the place on time. The only one that gives you a chance is the taxi. Taxies do not stop at bus stops. Drivers are well informed about traffic jams.  They know the way to avoid…

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