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London Museums

First of all, London is definitely a powerful science, knowledge, and cultural centre on a worldwide scale. Therefore, the number of outstanding figures of this cultural goldmine is very long. Consequently, London museums give travellers from all around the world a chance to have a glimpse of their achievements. Various exhibitions, artefacts, sculptures, paintings and interactive presentations of historical events will fill the gaps in everyone’s education at the same time create more questions… History, science, art, literature are all in the reach of your hand. Go ahead and explore the most famous museums that London has to offer.

Museum of London

Tourist attraction First of all, anyone planning a visit to British capital is thinking about a schedule. Especially, a list of places which you cannot give up on. One of the definitively recommended places in London is the Museum of London. A place where a tourist can move to prehistoric and ancient times. Where London…

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National Gallery

London’s artistic aproach Art is the fuel of the intellectual development of every human being. Just as the body needs food to function properly, our mind and intellect hungers for a touch of artistic approach. If you are visiting London you should definitely go and explore National Gallery. Some people may think that great art…

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Royal Air Force Museum

All about RAF First of all, visiting London and not going to this Museum would be just a waste of opportunity. The Royal Airforce Museum in London offers so much knowledge and fun for you and your family. And here’s the kicker – admission is free! You can find more than 100 aircraft’s to see…

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