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The town of Chessington that administratively belongs to the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in south-eastern Greater London. It is inhabited by about 19000 and lies about 10 miles away from Central London.


Cissan dun was the original, Anglo-Saxon name of Chessington and its meaning can be translated as “a hill that belongs to Cissa”. It was called Cisedune in the Domesday Book from the late 11th century. One of Chessington’s most renowned landmarks, the mansion that is now known as the Burnt Stab. It was built in 1348 and it was a major stronghold for the royalist troops. That was the reason why it was completely razed by the forces of Oliver Cromwell. The current name was then given to the site by the victorious Parliamentarians. The building was then rebuilt as an inn by the Barker family in the late 18th century.Its grounds became the Chessington Zoo in 1931. After being sold to the Tussauds Group in 1978, the Zoo was converted into a theme park which remains here to this day.

Public Transport

The town has two railway stations: Chessington South and Chessington North, which are 0.5 mile apart and from which services run to London Waterloo.

What to do in Chessington

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