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Forming a part of the London Borough of Bromley in South-East Greater London. It is the suburban district of Chislehurst. The name of this area originates from Saxon words for “gravel”. The distance from Chislehurst to Central London is about 10.5 miles in the north-western direction.  

Chislehurst's History

The oldest area in modern Chislehurst was developed as Camden Place.  Which was so named after William Camden, whose house stood on this site. Presently the site of Camden Place is taken by the Chislehurst Golf Club. On a major scale, the development of Chislehurst has started in the second half of the 19th century. Some parts, such as the present day Chislehurst Common were not developed. Due to a strong protest from local residents, who campaigned to keep the common as it was. As it was a very popular holiday destination. Among the places that are best recognised in this area are the Chislehurst Caves that are thought to be ancient. The original purpose of these caves was chalk and flint mining. Chislehurst Caves have proven useful during the Second World War. When they were used as night time air raid shelters by the locals. Apart from that, these caves were used as a live music venue on many occasions. Among the bands that played here are The Who, The Rolling Stones or Jimi Hendrix.  

Present Chislehurst

At present, Chislehurst is among the most affluent districts in this part of London and the most well off area in the Bromley Borough. Its buzzing High Street has a very rich offer of many restaurants, pubs etc. Chislehurst railway station is within the Travelcard Zone 5 and is run by the Southeastern trains of the National Rail.    

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