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City of St. Albans is a district within the Hertfordshire County. Located to the north-west of Greater London and just outside the M25 London Orbital motorway. This historic market town dates back to the pre-Roman times. When a local Celtic tribe of Catuvellauni was present in the settlement of Prae Hill. That was only about 1 mile away from the present day centre of St. Albans. During the Roman reign, the local town of Verulamium was second largest in the Britannia province after Londinium (London). Immediately after the Romans withdrew from Britain, the city was called Waeclingacaester. The City of St. Albans, according to traditional claims, has gained its current name after a Christian martyr Alban. He was beheaded here in 324 A.D. and later became beatified. City of st. Albans Escorts are present from ancient to present times.          

City of St. Albans Nowadays

Nowadays, City of St. Albans is home to over 58000 residents and an important cultural centre with great many theatre and concert venues. The city is also famous for its two museums: the Verulaminum Museum and the Museum of St Albans. The rich local sport life can be reflected in a number of clubs: the St Albans Cricket Club, St Albans City Football Club as well as teams in gymnastics, rugby, hockey etc. The people living in City of St. Albans are considered among the most active in all of Britain – 31{ed92eae320599fc656f0b9240dcd550fa59134e7903718c2b82355ee0b4413f2} of the locals participate regularly in various sport activities!    

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