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Dalston Superstore

Music, coffee, food

If you are in London and looping for a place to have good meal during the day and at the same time great night out – Dalston Superstore is the answer you are looking for. Nostalgic place with fantastic music. Also, staff that somehow tries to cheer you up even if it’s not your day at all – and it works! Personally, I think it is one of the clubs with most friendly staff I had ever encountered. Two rooms in a basement with DJ’s playing different music. Both packed with clubbers enjoying themselves in a fantastic atmosphere. Music is concentrated downstairs and the entertaining part on the higher floor. While visiting at daytime, nice chilled vibe with awesome coffee and tasty food with a wide and decent selection of drinks and cocktails. Great place to take your date to.

Therefore, what ever your plans are visiting this venue is always a good idea. Absolutely smashing combination of a restaurant and a club in one place combined with respectful and always helpful staff makes Dalton Superstore a must go. Another proof to that bold claim are the reviews made by guests online. Give it a try.

117 Kingsland High St,

London E8 2PB