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Debenhams London

Clothes, furniture, household goods

London is a city full of the best stores. Most desirable brands and the widest choice among them. One of these places is definitely Debenhams. Keep in mind, it is not the ordinary store as many others in the city. Debenhams is a store that in commonly known among Londoners and also many people in around the world. Perhaps because it has many shops across 27 countries. It is counted that in the whole United Kingdom there are around 178 Debenhams department stores. Besides shops in United Kingdom, there are 26 countries in which you can find the Debenhams stores. That is a quite big number. The British brand sells products like clothes, furniture and household goods. William Clark started this business in 1778, in 1813 William Debenhams became a business partner and they formed it together.

Inside Debenhams

The business started to be bonanza and owners took the advantage of it, they opened so many stores, which give them a huge income. Products in the Debenhams are of a good quality and that is why it has got so many clients. The store is really worth a visit, although it is a shop, here you can feel much of the British atmosphere. Debenhams offers quality products at affordable prices. You can find everything from stunning jeans, various suits, shirts, perfumes, handbags, skirts, jewellery, watches, high-class skin care products and audio and television equipment.

Top brands

Debenhams is a shop when you can find various top brands in one place: Armani, Burberry, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Dior, Chanel, Hugo Boss. Whether you are looking for everyday, casual clothes or something more specific like a stunning dress for banquet or a wedding, perhaps you are starting your first day in a new job and want to look sharp? Debenhams will provide you with all the necessary clothes and accessories; they even thought and created a holiday section where you can strictly focus on things required for a good trip or vacation. Starting from luggage, beach bags, beach towels, t-shirts, swimwear, shorts, sandals and flip flops, sunglasses and sun protection to bikinis and even believe me or not-travel insurance.

Staff quality

Another advantage of this chain of stores is the service. Staff is always with a smile on faces and ready to answer any questions or doubts. It’s very rare to observe store assistance ready to go that extra mile to help you find your perfect item. This company is not limited to commercial activities and generously supports charities such as BBC Children in Need, Breast Cancer Now, Help for Heroes. Overall Debenhams is a reliable, client friendly company and shopping there is definitely a good choice.