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High Wycombe was known as Chipping Wycombe until 1946. It's a big town in Buckinghamshire. There are quite a few places of interest here, if you're passing by the local council you'll see a statue of a red lion. Maybe you'd want to go to the site of an ancient castle? Desborough Castle can be found between Castlefield suburbs and Desborough. You can also visit some of the big shopping centres here, one of them being Eden Centre, you will find a 107 stores here. Do you think that it would be nice to go wandering around with someone? You should meet some of the girls from around here, they know the best places and can be a lovely guide. You will find out everything you need to about High Wycombe when you're with High Wycombe Escorts. If that's the perfect evening for you then you know where to find those lovely girls. While you're in the UK you can always meet many stunning girls but if you want to meet cream of the crop then you should call for Escorts Girls. Those lovely women will make your evening a lot more interesting. Just think about your perfect lady and later see her. That's how an evening will play out in High Wycombe.