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The London Borough of Hounslow is so named after its principal town. It is situated some 10.6 miles to the south-west from Central London. Apart from Hounslow, there three other major towns in this area: Brentford, Chiswick and Feltham. The suburban town of Hounslow lies on the Bath Road and it was an important staging post in the past.  This very interesting area is a home to one of a kind type of girls- Hounslow Escorts. It isn’t entirely clear where the name Hounslow did originate from. One theory has it that it derives from an Anglo-Saxon word Honeslaw, i.e. “land suitable for hunting”.Another version says that Hounslow comes from the words Hund’s mound (Hund hlaew in Old English), meaning “Hund’s mound (or burial place)”. Contrary to most of the British towns and villages that profited from the expansion of the railway in the 19th century. The opening of the Great Western Railway in 1838 was initially harmful to Hounslow’s economy. The village stabled over 2000 horses and it had previously thrived from the fact of being a coaching stage (the new railway line provided a much faster mean of transport).

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Hounslow Escorts

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