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House of Fraser London

House of authentic quality

While the stay in London you have a chance to meet some interesting people and you have a chance to visit some great places. London is a very old city and that is why it has so much in its offer. You will always be pleased with the trip to London. Every time you come here you have the opportunity to develop your cultural awareness. If you have some time, you should visit an amazing place, which is the House of Fraser.


You can be a bit surprised because this place is one of the best of British department stores! The House of Fraser has an interesting history. It’s dated back to 1849 when Arthur and Fraser begun the business. Throughout the years the business developed very quickly and it popularity grew higher and higher, now it is a well-known brand in England and Scotland. Across the whole United Kingdom it is easy to notice around 60 such a stores. The House of Fraser sell products such as clothes, cosmetics and housewares, so it is surely good to visit this place because everyone will find something for himself in this department store.

Location and brands

It is also worth to mention some information about the location of the House of Fraser in London; it is of course Oxford Street, which is the main road in the West End in London. As you walk down the Oxford Street you will notice that it is the busiest shopping street in London. The street is famous for a great number of visitors, who are always curious about this well-known street. The House of Fraser houses, high quality top brands such as Armani, DKNY, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Fred Perry, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Pandora and many more.

For ladies and gentleman

Very well designed, thought out and stocked shops are shopping oases both for ladies and gentlemen as well as the youngest customers. If you have any questions or can’t find your ideal item just ask the store assistant to help you out. For a company with such a long tradition it is understandable that their priority is to have helpful, attentive and knowledgeable staff.  Although House of Fraser is not limiting its activities to only commercial ones, this proud company is currently supporting three charities: Sparks, Walk the Walk and Swan UK and has it’s own charity project in motion.

House of Fraser Foundation

House of Fraser Foundation is a beautiful way to fund raise money for people who need it the most and making a real difference in communities by empowering and inspiring individuals, especially the youngest. You can be assured that visiting and shopping at House of Fraser will be a time well spends. It’s just one of those stores you cannot miss.