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London Buses

Iconic Red Bus

When you think about London, what often comes to your mind? How do you picture this city in your head? People have different associations with London, some of them are London Eye, Big Ben or the National Museum but for some people the main association are red buses. There is no doubt about it that London red buses and mainly red double-decker buses are a symbol of the city. Buses are a great way of public transport. Especially when in London you can find 8000 buses, which operate on around 700 routes. The London bus network is the biggest one in the whole world! Buses are present in London since 1829. George Shillibeer invented an omnibus operated by horse and it was a route between Paddington and the City of London.


After the horse omnibuses, motor omnibuses appeared and after that, the steam buses started to operate in London. After some time, the London General Omnibus Company decided to withdraw from the usage the steam buses. The London Transport introduced the red London buses. London did not want to use standard buses as they could be found elsewhere in the world. They decided to design buses especially for London. And that is how the red buses appeared in the city. Since 2008 the old bendy buses were removed from streets. New modern red buses were launched. All modern buses are the low-floor ones. They are single or double-deck and most of them have two sets of doors.

Different types of buses

In London there are several kinds of buses – night buses, heritage routes, tour buses, long distance coaches and airport buses. When visiting London it is worth to see the city during the night and the night buses will give you an opportunity to return to your accommodation place during the night. Night buses are often distinguished by an N prefix next to the number of the bus.  The bus that has been withdrawn serves heritage route, it is a great attraction but unfortunately it is not accessible to disabled passengers, as a consequence another bus also serves this route. Tour buses are double-decker buses with partially or sometimes even fully open deck, passengers have a chance to listen to live or recorded commentary.

National Express

If you want to visit some different places outside London you need to get on a long-distance coach, which connects the rest of the United Kingdom with London. The National Express runs most of these services. The National Express have its bus stops so if you want to travel by this service you need to look for further information.Millions of people travel in London by buses, but the busiest bus route is the one, which runs between Oxford Circus and Ilford, route 25. 24mile is the longest route, it runs from Croydon to Heathrow Airport, it is called route X26. Sometimes it is hard to travel by bus, because of the traffic jams, it is easy to get stuck for some hours on the road but on the other hand there is no better option than travelling by bus.