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London Eye

London Eye is a massive observation wheel on the South Bank on the river Thames in Central London. In the same time it is the largest viewing point in the world. Also, fourth highest construction in London. It is 135 meters tall. It was built in 2000 to celebrate the millennium. London Eye frequently changes its name. It used to be British Airways London Eye, The EDF Energy London Eye and now it is known as Coca Cola London Eye. It obviously changes its name after its new owner. If you wonder what is the most paid popular attraction in London it is the London Eye. The London Eye was originally planned to be contemporary. However after being so popular and having so much visitors it is still working and there is no idea of stopping it.

Amazing experience

You can see a lot of people queuing from afar, no matter what is the weather, no matter how long is the queue, crowds of people want to go on the London Eye! Over 3.5 million of people visit the observation wheel annually. London Eye is build of 32 capsules attached to the wheel which travels at a speed of 26cm per second. In each capsule there is a space for about 25 people which may sound a lot. Although, capsules are spacious and there is enough space for everyone to enjoy this amazing experience. It is interesting that the London Eye never stops rotating even then there are people getting on or getting off the capsule. Each rotation takes about 30 minutes. Therefore you can marvel at the views that span up to 40 km in all directions.

View from the Eye

The Eye revolves from east to west, so your first views are towards the east-London’s business district. Sunny weather without any fog is the best weather to watch London from its Eye. It is a perfect opportunity to view the whole city beneath you. Assure yourself that you take a pair of binoculars and a camera to take some breathtaking pictures which you will share with your friends and family.

Night and day experience

Most of people when they think about London they connect it with the London Eye, it is regularly printed on postcards and the frequent souvenirs which are bought by visitors is the figure of The London Eye. If you wonder how to get to the Central London to see this popular attraction it is worth knowing that London Eye is within walking distance from several underground stations including Embankment, Charing Cross, Westminster and the Waterloo that is the closest tube station. The London Eye is open every day except Christmas Day and during 10 days in January there takes place the annual maintenance of the wheel. It starts working at 10.00 am and closes at 8.00 pm. In summer the attraction is closed at 9.00 pm or 9.30 pm. It is also worth to participate in dark trips, at night where it is a completely different and interesting experience!