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London Minicabs-Private Hire

Alternative taxi

Welcome to the great and huge city of London. City dwellers and visitors have many options to choose from when it comes to the transport. Buses, tube, trams, trains and London cabs are ready to take anyone to the place of their destination. This is really great that London offers so many kinds of transport. It is even hard to imagine how would London look like without this wide range of transport. Moreover, it is hard to imagine how would millions of people cope with getting to work. Also, simply transferring from one place to another. In London people have a choice of two types of taxies. One is the black cab which carries the official name of the London taxi. Other is commonly known as a minicab, this name refers to cars that are used for the private hire.

Cab service

There are many differences between black cab and the minicab which equally operate around London. To use the service of the private hire one needs to pre-book the service. The hire involves the car with a driver. It is a must that the minicab is booked, you can do it via the internet, phone, fax or at the minicab office. If you need the minicab for some particular cab you need to book it in the minicab office. As it was mentioned before there are some differences between minicabs and black cabs, so as you probably know the black cab doesn’t have to pre-booked.  The only thing that connects two services it that they are both regulated by the Public Carriage Office and the same office regulates licenses of the black cabs and minicab drivers.

“The Knowledge ” ?

In England in 2015 there were 298,000 licensed drivers, the number consists of 164,000 private drivers and 62,000 were licensed taxi drivers and over 72,000 of drivers have dual licenses. Many people think that minicab drivers should have the same geographical knowledge as cab drivers have. But unfortunately it is not true. Minicab drivers do not have to complete the test called “The Knowledge” but on the other hand they have to take a smaller test than “The Knowledge” in order to get the license of the “Private Hire” Driver. If you wonder how do the drivers manage the whole city the answer is simple – they use the navigation to pick you up and drive you to the place of your destination.

Addison Lee

One of the most popular private hire company in London is Addison Lee. The company was found by John Griffin in the Battersea in 1975. In 2013 Carlyle Group announced that it would purchase the Addison Lee for a great sum of money. The new owner of the company promised to grow the company in England and in many other countries. The Addison Lee company has 4,000 vehicles to operate with. The service of the company involves also 100 coaches of a different size. As you can see London has many kinds of public transport and in addition it can operate the service which is the service of private hire, commonly known as minicabs.

Safety guaranteed

People often use the service of the minicabs in the situations which they plan, for example they have to get to the airport and minicabs turns out to be a very reliable service. It is always on time and when travelling by the minicab the safety is guaranteed. When you wonder if the private hire is worth using the answer will always be yes, many people used it and they were provided with the high standard service.