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London Rail


As many people know, London is a huge city that is why it requires many kinds of public transport. As one might think, Londoners should buy cars and the problem would end, but certainly no. The problem would not end because there are already too many cars on the roads and for some people London is simply too big to commute everywhere by car. That is why many public transports must exist in London. National Rail is very important in the Greater London because it brings many commutes into London. People who live in the London suburbs and work in London have to have a way to commute to work and the London Rail gives them an opportunity. It is worth to know that England was the first to build steam trains in the 19th century. The London Overground is commonly known as the Overground. It is a rail that services in the suburban area of London. It consists of nine lines, which serve a lot of stations in the Greater London; so waiting for the connection is not so long.


The orange colour on the map implies the Overground. It is a big advantage that these lines can be used with the Oyster card because Londoners use it in everyday life. They do not have to buy additional tickets to travel by the London Rail. In recent years the usage of the Overground sharply increased and it is because of the Overground transformation. It changed its service from neglected lines into neat trains, which people like to use and it caused in extending cars from three to even five! The next component of the London Rail is London Tram. The line has been working since 2000 and it was opened in May. Since the opening Trams gained much popularity and as a result they work until now. The line operates in the south London and on its 28km route it has 38 stops. It is a very useful line because in a quite short period of time you can go through quite a big distance. Remember that the London Tram is colouring green on the map.

Public transport

Another way of public transport, which is within the London Rail, is of course Docklands Light Railway. It is a kind of metro system, which serves in London since 1987. The DLR reaches the Docklands area of London. If you plan your journey by the DLR it is worth to know that in the south is comes to Lewisham, in the north to Stratford, in east to Beckton, London City Airport, Woolwich Arsenal and in west. It reaches Tower Gateway and the City of London. The Dockland Light Railway has seven lines and it serves 45 stations. Because of the need for this kind of public transport this system is developing very fast. In 2014, over 110.2 million people carried by the Light Railway and this is the main reason why extensions of the line are under consideration. London Rail is very popular among city dwellers but also among tourists. When travelling by the public transport it gives a chance to see a bit more than just cultural places and tourist’s attractions.


Here in London, people live in a hurry, but as they enter a train, tram or a bus they have some time for themselves. It is a big advantage to have so many kinds of public transport in the city, especially in such a big city as London. It is great how London Rail connects many places. Travelling by London Rail getting to many tourist attractions will be much easier.