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Alternative transport

London is a very busy city, to get somewhere people have to take buses, taxies, tubes and other public transports that are available in London. It is very good that the city offers a wide range of transports to choose from, because it would be simply impossible for everyone to take a bus or tube. London offers many interesting places to see, many tourist’s attractions. But sometimes it is hard to go through all the interesting places on foot and that is why you can feel free to use the service of London rickshaws! If you do not know what it is, here comes the answer. It is a type of small transport powered by a human pedalling the vehicle. Because of several years of experience, the costumers know that they can trust this brand.

“Bike taxis”

Rickshaws are called sometimes bike taxi, velotaxi, pedicab or trishaw. This original way of transport services in London since 2003 and currently there are about 850 rickshaws, which operate in London. The main location where bike taxies are seen is Central London, it is simply because in the central London visitors will find many attractions and interesting places to see. Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Piccadilly and Soho are the major places operated by the bike taxies. It is a great way of transport because rickshaws do not emit any pollution; there is no greener way to travel in the main districts of London! Travelling with the certainty that you do not harm the environment is really great.

Something more…

London is a huge city full of busses and cars, which exhaust fumes and having an opportunity to travel by eco vehicle is a perfect alternative! And rickshaw tours are simply pleasant! Just imagine the tour where you can sit in a cute rickshaw, carried by some person and from this kind of transport you can watch the busiest districts in London. None of the public transport in London will give you more fun. It is not just some kind of transport – it is more than that! When you want something more, something else than just riding around London, the service offers a great variety of thematic tours; everyone will find something for himself.


Tours include Sherlock Holmes Tours, Market Tour, Borough Market & Spitalfields, Museum Rickshaw Tour V&A, Tate Modern, Romantic Rickshaw Day& Evening Tours and many more. It is a great alternative of spending a day in London! London Rickshaws Company has in offer Bicycle Tours; they claim that nothing will give you this amount of fun as joining the bicycle tour. By riding a bike, you can enter the heart of London, you can see how British people behave, how they organise their life in one of the busiest city. The avoidance of crowded underground will be your best choice. On the bicycle tour, you will not be alone; you will have a chance of meeting some fantastic people who share the same interests.

Worth recommending

It is easy to notice that London bike taxies are full of advertisements on it. It means that putting an advertisement on the rickshaw is a great alternative to promote some brand! Bike taxies are always catching people’s attention and the promoting brand will be first that comes to their eyes! The rickshaw company is happy about doing the best job for its clients!