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London Santander Cycles

Not a fan of traffic?

Nobody likes to stand in traffic jams. No matter if you are traveling by a bus or a car it can happen to anyone. When thinking about the tube, trams or rail these are the only transports in which you will not find traffic jams, but crowds of people are certain. So, you can wonder, what is the best kind of transport in London? There are no perfect solutions. But the one that will bring many advantages is riding a bike! Although when riding a bike you must respect traffic lights but it gives you a huge chance to avoid traffic jams – you can slip through cars and keep your journey going on. You do not have to own a bike. London is a city of chances and it gives you a chance of hiring a bicycle.


It is claimed in London that motorist give more road space to cyclists hiring cycles than to other cyclists, that is why cyclists hiring bikes are less injured in road accidents. Santander cycles is a public company that hires bicycles around London. The service operates around London since 2010. When being in London you will be shocked how many people use this kind of transport! In 2010 when the company started to operate, it begun with 5,000 bicycles and 315 docking stations around London, after two years the company expanded the access to over 8,000 bicycles and 570 docking stations. The research had shown that the cycles where used for approximately 19 million journeys. Today, people in London have an access to around 13,600 bicycles and 839 docking stations. The growth of the numbers shows how popular is the Santander Cycles service.

Boris Bikes

There is an alternative name for Santander Cycles, it is known also as Boris Bikes. The name is after the Mayor of London – Boris Johnson. He was the Major of London when the scheme of Cycles started to operate. From the very beginning the cycles were sponsored by the Barclays Bank, it was a sponsor from 2010 to 2015. All the bikes that are used as the public transport are provided by the PBSC Urban Solutions and since 2015 they are sponsored by the Santander UK.

Registration and keys

Everyone who wants to use the Santander Cycles has to register of the Transport for London website and buy an access. It is 24 hour, 7 days and one-year access to choose from. After registering on the website, person gets a key to operate the docking stations. This key allows you to take a cycle from the docking station. It is a great advantage that cycles can be rented at any time and the first 30 minutes of usage is free of charge. The 24-hour access to the cycle costs £2 and the annual access costs £90. It is worth to know that the bicycle must be returned to any docking station within 24 hours from taking it. Cycle damages or the failure to return costs up to £300. The Santander Cycle Service gives people a great opportunity to travel around London and see some great places.