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London Taxis

Hey, Taxi!

If you are late, nothing will keep you safe. None of the public transport will deliver you to the place on time. The only one that gives you a chance is the taxi. Taxies do not stop at bus stops. Drivers are well informed about traffic jams.  They know the way to avoid those traffics. And when looking at taxies from the different point of view, taxies are the most comfortable way of transport. Here the avoidance of crowds of annoying people is certain! United States is not the only place, which has taxis typical for New York. Yellow cabs will always be associated with New York City. Surprisingly London also has taxis that are typical for this city.

An alternative

Red buses are not the only way of transport that can be associated with London, cabs have occurred in London a long before red buses, so this transport has some historical and cultural meaning. Hackney Carriage also known as cabs or London taxis will deliver you to any place in the city! Most of the cabs in London are black that is why they are also known as black cabs but recently some of the cabs are produced in variety of colours. If you happen to see the golden cab in London, you should know that 50 of them were produced to celebrate Queen’s Golden Jubilee. The car has very unique and a bit funny shape, throughout the years different marks produced the hackney cab, one of them were Mercedes-Benz, Morris, Citroen and many more.

Not only in London…

If you have a chance to see a London taxi in some other country and additionally in different colour than black . Between 2003 and 2009 it was possible to buy the London Cab, so other countries decided to purchase it. There are around 250 of London cabs operating in different states, such as Ottawa, Canada, North Carolina, Dallas, Las Vegas. London Taxies can also be seen in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Africa and many other countries. In London you will also notice that there is a private hire vehicles service, commonly known as minicabs. As distinct from London Cabs, minicabs are a kind of private cars to hire. The public associations do not own them, which owns London taxies. Hackney Cabs can park on taxi stands and it can be stopped on the streets by flagging, while minicabs cannot. Only Hackney Cabs can be called taxies in London.

Other services

Other services can only be called the hiring services; they have got nothing to do with taxies. It is not a surprise that to be a London Cab driver you have to have a special and detailed knowledge. Drivers have to pass The Knowledge test to prove that they have a special knowledge about the geography of London streets, hotels, attractions and other important places. It is simple that the taxi driver cannot be confused; he must carry the information that the consumer lacks. Passing the test allows the driver to become a member of the Worshipful Company of Hackney Carriage Drivers.

Famous drivers

When becoming a member, there are two types of badge – the green badge implies the knowledge of all London, which is very hard and the yellow badge implies having the geographical knowledge about the suburban area of London. It is worth to know something about Alfred Collins, a British man who was the London taxi driver, who drove a taxi since 1937 to 2007. He had a chance to meet famous people during his job. He met Margaret Thatcher, Bruce Forsyth and many more. Collins said in the interview that the 70 years of his career was a pleasure. Alfred Collins was awarded by the Transport of London and died in 2007.