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London Tube

Famous Tube

Have you ever heard about the London Underground? Commonly known as the Tube. Probably yes, because it is one of the most popular transports in the city. The Tube is a great way of public transport because it connects almost every place in London. London is a huge city and it is hard to reach some places in a short period of time, especially by bus. The decision of going by tube will be a good one. The journey will be short and pleasant. Inventing something within the society can be hard sometimes. Therefore, the invention of the Tube in London was a great idea! Over the years the Underground network has expanded to 11 lines, which carries about 5 million people a day. This shocking number made the London Tube 11th busiest metro system in the world.


The London Tube has a rich history because it dates back to 1863, then it was the first underground railway in the whole world.  The Metropolitan Line was the oldest one and it ran between Farringdon and Paddington and around 40,000 people used it every day. The invention of such a way of public transport was accepted by the society and then the extension begun. Now, the Tube system on its 400km route has 270 stations. As the London Tube is the oldest underground railway it gave an example to many other cities like New York. Before the Second World War the owner of the London Tube wanted to make the network grow bigger but when the war appeared in London and the whole plan was ruined, at those times some of the Underground Stations became shelters during the bomb attacks.

Tickets and Oyster Card

As the war ended even more passengers than before decided to use the Tube. As a result Victoria Line, Jubilee Line were opened and the Piccadilly Line was extended to Heathrow Airport. This simplified the connection between the Central London and the biggest airport in the whole United Kingdom. If you want to travel by the London Underground you can buy a paper ticket or you can top-up an oyster card. It is worth knowing that when you use the oyster card to travel around London, the prices are cheaper. The paper tickets are more expensive. You should know that fares in the London Tube are the most expensive in the whole world . Also, prices continue to arise. Many people claim that the huge difference between price of the ticket on the oyster card and the paper ticket. This will discourage tourists and other visitors from travelling by London Underground.


It is said that London Underground has the longest escalators in Europe. Judging by the number of people on the escalators it is easy to conclude that they are very crowded! On each Tube Station there are approx. 13,000 people using escalators per hour! Because of the overcrowding many people complain about the London Underground system. Not only costumers but also the underground staff complains about the network system. Because of the health, safety, working conditions and pay levels there were several strikes that appeared in the London Tube. Although many people complain about the prices and the conditions at the London Underground, still most of them decide to travel by the tube. You should know that the decision of going by tube would be the right decision, because the journey will be shorter than going by bus.