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Museum of London

Tourist attraction

First of all, anyone planning a visit to British capital is thinking about a schedule. Especially, a list of places which you cannot give up on. One of the definitively recommended places in London is the Museum of London. A place where a tourist can move to prehistoric and ancient times. Where London was not yet London, but the place of settlement of modern people ancestors. Just to become a Roman settlement called Londinium from which later London derives its name. Therefore, before it became a city it was a Roman trade post. Not everybody knows that like every Roman settlement, London was a witness of gladiator fights in the arena. As a result, the number of museum exhibits is staggering. Full of artifacts, sculptures, even Paleolithic exhibits, from various periods of time.

Knowledge mine

This is just the beginning of history that we have a chance to get acquainted with, because the museum offers a very wide cross-section of the history of the city up to present-day London. Broadly described first influences of Christianity and entry into the dark ages after the collapse of the Roman Empire. The first churches and monasteries, the appearance of priests and monks their teachings and influence on the local pagan population. Continuous folklore of today’s Great Britain has a direct impact on London itself. Hiking and raiding of various ethnic groups from Celts, Germans and Normans, creates a crucible, which is also illustrated in the Museum. This knowledge mine could not overlook  the Anglican Church and the impact of the Reformation on the development of London’s political and economic situation. Puritan appearance and their severe approach to morality and life, contrasting with the benefits of geographic discoveries.

London’s history

The tragedy of the Great Fire of London in 1666 caused in fact its future expansion to became world’s largest city. One chronological gallery after another we can admire the “Victorian Walk”, “West End”, “Suffragettes, “World War I”, “ World War II” until “punk era” and modern times up to 2012. An extensive and moving exhibition of the capital between 1940-1944. Defensive war against the Germans cost lives and infrastructure. The price and sacrifice paid by Londoners is illustrated in pictures and other exhibits. A kaleidoscope of events that make up one of the most important centers of culture, commerce and art in one place not only to impart knowledge but to convey the spirit of a given era through the enormous accumulation of all the masses of historical expositions.

Being in London and not visiting this beautiful and inspirational place would be just a waste of time. The Museum of London is just one of the places to visit to see how long and fascinating the history of London is.


Located at London Wall

London, EC2