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National Gallery

London’s artistic aproach

Art is the fuel of the intellectual development of every human being. Just as the body needs food to function properly, our mind and intellect hungers for a touch of artistic approach. If you are visiting London you should definitely go and explore National Gallery. Some people may think that great art is something distant and not for everybody and it’s a huge mistake. It’s a priceless opportunity to educate yourself for free admiring paintings of geniuses from Leonardo da Vinci to Vincent van Gogh. National Gallery gives its visitor an opportunity to observe and be inspired by art with a capital A. From the time of the first humans to the present day, many artists wanted to capture life, death, passion, beauty. Every painting is a different story.

Exploring the gallery

Exploring the gallery room by room gives you a chance to fill the gaps in your education but not only. It can also be an amazing social experience. Instead of spending another weekend evening in front of the TV, or a pub, take your friends out, or your partner on a date. Learn about art while having fun. Check the various events that the National Gallery has to offer. Discover the hidden side of Leonardo and surprise your boss or a college with uncommon knowledge. Have you ever heard about The Virgin of the Rocks? Did you know that after examination curators and conservators said that there is a completely different design hidden underneath? Da Vinci story is far more intriguing and exciting all you need to do is let yourself feel it.

Passion for paintings

 Museum gives you an opportunity to not only watch the paintings but go deeper to the background of the artists themselves. Get ready to meet the proud Rembrandt, Raphael, Rubens and many more.Every peace of art is dedicated and inspired by some part of their life. Literally passion, emotions, and thoughts transferred to a painting. National Museum is a place when you can take time out and relax, meet new open-minded people and look on everything from a different perspective. There is a cherry on the top in form of concerts and performances inside of the Gallery you can enjoy. Afterwards or between exploring this wonderful seat of culture you can have a great coffee or a glass of wine perhaps?

National Dining Room

National Dining Room gives you a possibility to have something to eat to satisfy more basic needs. There is also a chance to by a souvenir or a gift in the shop, but the most brilliant idea was giving an option to buy amazing digital quality reproductions of the most famous paintings. More then 2000 masterpieces within the reach of your hand and wallet bespoke and framed or canvases. It’s also very easy to find and get to. Finally, official website describes ways to get there from public transport to bike paths nearby. Don’t wait longer and visit National Gallery now.

Trafalgar Square, London