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Royal Air Force Museum

All about RAF

First of all, visiting London and not going to this Museum would be just a waste of opportunity. The Royal Airforce Museum in London offers so much knowledge and fun for you and your family. And here’s the kicker – admission is free! You can find more than 100 aircraft’s to see and no matter if you’re a big fan of aviation or not it will be an interesting experience. In addition, a stunning exhibition called “First World War in the Air”, or a real life-sized model of F35 Strike Fighter jet. It is the only copy of that plane available to see in the whole world. Also, don’t miss Princess Mary’s RAF Nursing Service. This one is describing the role of nurses that took care of wounded and sick since 1918. There is as well a very interesting section about Air Traffic Control with highly educational interactive displays.

Various exhibitions

While visiting you can also marvel at the section called “Bomb Bay” which is kind television placed underneath gigantic Vulcan Bomber. What I personally consider intriguing is the section about people that served or contributed to development of flight and the Royal Airforce itself. You can also find a magnificent Battle of Britain exhibition full of not only the British but German planes that took part in one of the most important air battles that took place during second world war and determined the victorious side. In accordance to the requirements of the twenty first century there is a wide range of virtual tours such as “Milestones of Flight Gallery”; “Grahame White Watch Office”; ”Historic Hangars”; “Bomber Hall”; ”Google Street View of London Site”; ”The Prince’s Drawing School”.

Eurofighter Typhoon Simulator

But that’s not all! For a small fee of 3 pounds you can enjoy Eurofighter Typhoon Simulator that can seat up to 8 people per flight or Historic Hangars Simulator. Take your pick from low flying mission through the valley or a fantasy adventurous flight through volcanoes and tunnels? Maybe World War One Dogfight? Take part of battle over the fields of France during WW1. You also can’t miss Museum’s newest attraction the 4-Dimensional Theatre. Five different experiences from an Air fighter when you can joint the recruits and have an intense training flight experience to a Ravine Race where you can participate in a supersonic speed race avoiding various obstacles. Very intelligent and thoughtful move is offering a calendar full of free events and exhibitions which is both educating and entertaining guests.

The museum is constantly upgrading itself and keeping visitors surprised thanks to be open to comments and advices. Many of these comments concern the fact that there is not enough time to focus on everything museum has to offer. To check out those comments just go to Trip Advisor and find it out for yourself.

RAF Museum London,

Grahame Park Way,

London, NW9 5LL