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Selfridges London

Travelling and shopping

Are you curious about travelling around the world? Are you an avid fan for travelling and meeting new places all around the world? It is a great hobby. But if you are not a fan, but you like exploring new cultures and history this will also extend your cultural and personal enrichment, which is so important nowadays. It is important for understanding other people, especially those who are different than you and it will give you the ability of familiarising with cultures, which are based on different values than your own. If you think that only going to museums and cultural places will enrich your knowledge you are surely mistaken.

Selfridges long tradition

You can be surprised that places of entertainment can also extend your knowledge, and one of such a places is the Selfridges & Co department store in London. It is good to know that after Harrods it is the biggest shop in London. The place is also very old because its history is dated to 1909. The building is spectacular! In 1920-1930 the roof of the building was used as gardens, cafes, you could find a mini golf and a club, but unfortunately during the Second World War the department store was bombed and as a result roof garden was totally damaged and it was not opened until 2009. After the renovation of the building it became a commonplace among Londoners and visitors from around the world! The architectural innovation is what attracts many people to the Selfridges.

Selfridges as a place of culture

Inside the building you will see the original window display, which is very popular all around the world. It also appeared in many well-known magazines. From the Opening Days until present times, the Selfridges became a phenomenon around society. So as you can see, not only places with exhibitions and paintings are the cultural places. Selfridges as a department store is also considered as a cultural place, which carries the important cultural meaning. In addition to the high range of the department store, Selfridges is located on the major road in the centre of London, district, which is called the City of Westminster.

Oxford Street

While walking down the Oxford Street you will notice that there are about 300 shops which will attract your attention, as a hub of fashion Oxford Street houses the London College of Fashion. The major road in City of Westminster is considered as a hub of entertainment in a number of ways; here you will find 100 Club, which is a live music venue. If you want to feel the English culture you should come to the Oxford Street in London. This place will show you a lot about Londoners and of course you will be surprised how many people come here every day! This street is for sure one of the most popular streets in London. Selfridges is a must go, no doubt about it.