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The Shard

The Shard is the tallest building in the United Kingdom and European Union. It has 87 floors and it is 310meters tall. Located next to London Bridge Station in Southwark. It is also known as the Shard of Glass. The building looks like a glass pyramidal tower and has 44 lifts and 72 residential floors with a viewing gallery. The Shard’s construction was started in 2009 and finished in November 2012. It is a great place to get some rest in the luxury. Five stars Shangri-La Hotel which occupies the 34th to 52nd floor of the building. The hotel includes also an upscale Asian restaurant and a cafe, pool, fitness centre and bar on 52nd floor from where visitors can see some breathtaking views from the skyscraper!  Shangri-La Hotel provides guests with a range of activities during English rainy days.


Fully equipped gym, training machines, and huge windows give the opportunity to view London while working out! The pool will assure you the peace and quiet, relax and the view of St Paul’s Cathedral, the London Eye and Westminster. From 53rd to 65th floor in Shard we can find luxury residencies. They are very expensive and the one who wants to live there for sure cannot be afraid of height. The tallest building provides visitors with an attraction, which is the View from the Shard, this is a view from the skyscraper.

The View from The Shard

The indoor Viewing Galleries is equipped with digital telescopes people can look at the city and the device offers pre-recorded day time and night time views. Telescopes are able to identify over 200 famous places of interest and landmarks. On level 72, which is the highest public level of the building there is Partially Outdoor Viewing Gallery. It is the partially open ait place, which allows guests to see the top of the building. The Opening of the Shard was a huge event in London; Mayor of London officially opened The View from The Shard on 1 February 2013. On that day brave James Episcou from Epping Forest decided to be the first man to propose to his girlfriend on the highest point in London, except James almost over 5.000 people paid for tickets to be the first people experiencing the views of London from the Shard.

View on River Thames

It is also good to know what facilities do The Shard offers its visitors. The building offers toilets with panoramic windows featuring River Thames and City of London, which you can see directly from the toilet seat. After visiting Viewing Galleries, arriving back in the lobby at ground level there is a cute gift shop offering souvenirs.The attraction offers free Wi-Fi access and the music that accompanies guests through the whole trip inside the Shard is an especially composed orchestral and choral soundtrack performed by The London Symphony Orchestra.