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You will find St Albans in Hertfordshire, it's a part of bigger City and District of St Albans. St Albans is known for being settled really early with The Celtic Catuvellauni. Later it was a site of the Roman city of Verulamium. Because of that you can find many Roman remains left here, the quite big part of the Roman Wall being one of them. It should be also noted that St Albans had numerous famous people living here. One of your idols might have been from St Albans. The list includes Benny Hill Donovan, Luke Roberts, Stephen Hawking and others. Maybe you'd want to meet those lovely women in here? There's nothing stopping you, call a beautiful girl and spend a wonderful evening with her right here in St Albans. There's always a lot of fun to be had with her. She will show you the best parts places, clubs and pubs. You will never be bored when with her. As you can see a visit here can not be recommended enough. When you have some free time on your hands be sure to find your way here. It's not just the history that makes St Albans such a wonderful place but also the people you can meet here.