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Stamford Bridge – Chelsea Stadium

Chealsea Football Club

When visiting London it is good to jump in and see some sport centre. England has many football teams and many stadiums.  But all those places added together create also a bit of English history and culture. Approximately every Englishman or woman is a fun of particular football team. Ladies and gentleman I got 4 words for you – Stamford Bridge Chealsea Stadium. Have you got your favourite team in England? In Fulham, London there is a breath-taking building and it is a stadium. The Stamford Bridge Stadium also named ‘The Bridge’ is a home of Chelsea Football Club. The place was opened in 1877 and the London Athletic Club used it but in 1905 the Chelsea Football Club started to occupy the place. And that is how it begun.

The Stadium

The Stadium is quite an old one that is why it had to be renovated several times, but 1990s it was under a complete renovation from the old stadium to the modern one and it begun to be an all-seater stadium. The Chelsea Stadium is divided into four Stands: Matthew Harding Stand (North Stand), East Stand, Shed End and West Stand and it can house around 42,000 people. Stamford Bridge is a very famous stadium so it was used for England international matches. It hosted Charity Shield, FA Cup Finals and FA Cup semi-finals. The stadium itself has a very traditional character. Although it is a Football Stadium it also hosted a number of other sports like American football, baseball, rugby, cricket and speedway.

Tour of Stamford Bridge

It is a great experience to visit the stadium for the football fans, but it is certain that it will interest also a non-football lover. If you want to, you can attend in an extremely informative one and a half hour tour of Stamford Bridge, that includes visiting the dressing room, many possibilities to take a good picture, pitch side, the press room, television room and additionally you can feel like a real player when walking through the player’s tunnel. Very nice places to eat such as:  The Tea Bat, Frankies, and Marco all with very friendly staff with a great sense of humour. When you visit the place, the entry to the Chelsea Football Club museum is included.

Football atmosphere

Great atmosphere, respectful fans, great team and it’s easy to find your comfortable seat. Very well organized through and through. Thanks to that beautiful stadium you can enjoy your time spent with friends and family. Female Chelsea fans are a cherry on the cake. It’s just a magnificent view watching does amazing woman scream their voices out supporting their favourite team! When the trip in The Chelsea Stadium is over you can enjoy the beautiful sights that Fulham in London has in its offer. Fulham is in the centre of London so there is a wide range of attractions and interesting places to visit.


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