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Wembley Stadium

The Legendary

When you think of London Stadiums, what comes to your mind? London is rich in interesting stadiums; they bring much attention to the city. When thinking about Football stadiums we often connect it only with football matches. The Wembley Stadium is the largest one in whole United Kingdom and the second-largest stadium in Europe. It is obvious that it hosts football matches but additionally it hosts rugby leagues and numerous of music concerts. This huge building can seat 90,000 people! The place is opened since 2007 and it is built on the place of the former Wembley Stadium, which was demolished in 2002-2003.

Wembley Tour

What is interesting about Wembley Stadium is that you can go behind the scenes of the changing rooms of English tea; you can walk through the player’s tunnel to the turf. You can feel like a real player! Here you can make your dreams come true, all you have to do is book the Wembley Tour! While enjoying the tour, you can see the FA150 Exhibition, which celebrates the history of Football Association. While watching the exhibition you will notice the Original Rules of Association Football. The place gives you a great chance of experiencing the feeling of being a football player, try it – you will not regret it. First thing that comes to your head when visiting Wembley could be: perfect and unique design.


Stadium itself is one of the truly great sporting venues of the world with amazing atmosphere and great facilities, full of food and drink options. Pubs, restaurants and shops surrounding this venue are truly good ones. Very important factor during watching a football match are comfortable seats and that’s another thing that is in the bundle. Place is easy to get to via public transport. Professional security around in and outside of the facility and getting in and going through airport style security makes it efficient and fast. Wembley has a very good parking space and it is easy to navigate in and out. Thing worth mentioning is that the stadium has a very good accessibility for the disabled. The task of keeping this place tidy and clean is one hell of a task and the staff is up to that challenge during every event.

Personally I think that this stadium is an iconic place that only a not very wise person would ignore while visiting London. But if you finished your trip at the Wembley Stadium, now you can do something different. Remember that you are in London, which is the hub of fashion, entertainment and fun. Do not miss going to some shops to do some shopping, which can give you much joy and pleasure. In Wembley you will find many gift shops, so it is worth to buy some souvenirs.

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