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West Ham Stadium


In England you will find a number of football clubs, each one of them has its fans and even stadiums. English people and many people from all around the world love football teams. The club was founded in 1895 and at those times it was won the Football League War Cup. The West Ham is one of the victorious teams in UK; the West Ham has been a winner of the FA Cup three times! Football team and the West Ham United fans are iconic figures for the whole world of football. Whether you are a fan or not, every football fan has heard of the ‘Hammers’. Who haven’t heard about the movie from 2005 “Green Street Hooligans” where a wrongfully expelled Harvard student of journalism moves to London, where he faces the violent underworld of football hooliganism and falls in love with it?

West Ham United Football Club

It is a brand new modern stadium with easy access from with public transport links. There is a very decent view of the action during the game and huge screens to help out those with sight impairment. Get yourself ready for a wide range of food and drink vendors that have contact less terminals.  Nice quiet stadium; you could literally bring a book and relax at the stadium. But of course everybody comes here for fantastic football atmosphere. West Ham fans are a magnificent community that always supports its team for better or for worse. The West Ham United Football Club home stadium is London Stadium originally known as the Olympic Stadium in Stratford. It is worth to mention that the Olympic Stadium was a home to 2012 Summer Olympics and Paralympics!

Football events

You may wonder about which part of this event took place on the Stadium and here is the answer – the Olympic Stadium hosted the ceremonies that opened and closed the Summer Olympics and Paralympics. But as you think about the stadium you shouldn’t connect it just with football, it is a home to many events like the rugby matches; it will host World Championships in 2017 and Para Athletics Championships. Thanks to the oval shape of the stadium it can also host events such as Cricket and Basketball matches. The place as many other stadium was also a home to many concerts with approx. 80,000 spectators. This amazing venue occasionally serves also as a concert hall. West Ham Stadium is a legendary place and should definitely be on London visitors “to go list”.


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park,

London, E20 2ST