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The area known as Beckton lies within the London Borough of Newham in East London. Previously Beckton constituted a part of the East Ham District within the parish of Woolwich. In the 19th century Beckton became heavily industrialised – it was a site of the Beckton Gas Work – the largest such building in Europe at the time of opening in 1870. It is at this time that Beckton gained its name – named after the governor of the company, Simon Adams Beck. After the World War 2 and until the 1980s, Beckton was known for a large number of prefabricated houses, which were built to house the people who have had lost their houses during the war. Whoever comes to Beckton, either for a short holiday or for a longer stay. Will immediately see that this art of London has much more to offer than one could have anticipated. Namely - Beckton Escorts.

Beckton Escorts

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