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  The Buckinghamshire County, which is often simply called Bucks, is situated directly to the north-west of Greater London. It has its centres of administration in Aylesbury and Milton Keynes. This ceremonial, home county forms a part of the South East England.

Buckingham History

Bucks was named after the town of Buckingham that lies in the northern part of the county. The name of Buckingham in turn has Anglo-Saxon roots and it means “Bucca’s home”. Even though that name for the county was used since the 12th century onwards, it actually existed even many century before, It belonged to the subdivision of the Kingdom of Mercia. The history of the area of Bucks, however, is most likely to dating back even to the pre-Roman times.


The current population of Bucks stands at about 506 thousand, who inhabit 724 square miles. The M40 motorway in the south of the county links it with Greater London to the south-east and Oxfordshire to the west. Bucks has also four main railway lines.


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