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Charing Cross Escorts

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Central London’s major junction of Cockspur Street, The Mall, Northumberland Avenue, Strand and Whitehall is known as Charing Cross. Any amateur of womanly beauty will feel at home among the most wonderful girls from Charing Cross Escorts. The name of the Charing Cross comes from the former Eleanor cross that once stood in this area. The Eleanor cross, however, has its Victorian replacement that stands next to the Charing Cross railway station. Charing Cross became “the centre of London” sometime after 1750. Since then used as a marker to measure distances from London. The “Charing” in Charing Cross of Old English origin, as the hamlet called Cierring  once occupied this land.   In 1906 the Baker Street & Waterloo Railway (later Bakerloo Line) opened a station here and named it “Trafalgar Square”. A year later, the Northern Line opened its own station and called it “Charing Cross”.

Charing Cross Escorts

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