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The large town of Croydon that is located in South Outer London and gives a name to the local London Borough. It is in the distance of 9.5 miles from the Charing Cross in Central London. The London Plan from 2004 identifies Croydon as one of the eleven metropolitan centres within Greater London. Croydon is fortunately located between Central London and the towns in the English south-eastern coast. Historically, Croydon belonged to the Surrey County. At the time right after the Norman Invasion, Croydon was a small market town of about 350 residents. With its own brewery, tanning station etc. (according to the Domesday Book).  

Croydon's Origins and History

The name Croydon is of Anglo-Saxon origin. The word is created from the words croh for “crocus” and denu, meaning “valley". Which suggested that the main trade of Croydon was saffron cultivation. Croydon greatly benefited from the fact of being located on the ancient road leading from the English Channel to London. Already during the Roman period, a major Roman road from London to Ports lade was built here. But the biggest change was building the railways through this area in the 1830s century. This led to the 21-fold increases of Croydon’s population throughout the 19th century. However, such rapid demographic growth had also its drawbacks. The conditions of the local working class were rather poor. The situation has changed with the opening of a fast train line in 1880s. Which could reach London in 15 minutes. More and more middle-class families started to settle here too.        

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