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  The county town of Guildford in Central-West Surrey County. It has a population of 74000 and is some 27 miles away from Central London. The town lies at the A3 road leading from London to Portsmouth. The previous name for Guildford that was used in the 11th century by the Saxons was Geldeford. It suggests that the first part of this word comes from “gold”, rather than “guild” as it would seem. As such, the town name means “a golden ford”. This in turn can refer to the local golden flowers or golden sand by the ford. Although, there were no gold mines in this area. It could also be related to the existence of an early Royal Mint that was present here already in 978 A.D.

Guilford history and heritage

Guildford benefited from being near the Chilworth Gunpowder works. They operated here throughout the Industrial Revolution and from which the wares were transported through Guildford. As a result, the toll from these wares was paid. The opening of the London and South-Western railway here in 1845 has greatly accelerated the growth of the town. During the Second World War Guildford was a site of several air raid shelters. Nowadays, Guildford is a thriving town with some of the highest property prices in the UK save London. The places, which one ought to see when visiting here include the Castle’s tower, The Friary Centre as well as the local farmers’ market that is held every Tuesday. Those, who are interested in high culture will surely love Guildford’s Art Gallery in Surrey.

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