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Sutton is a London borough that is situated in the south-west Greater London and its administrative HQ.  The town of Sutton, is located on the North Downs’ lower slopes. The distance between the town and London’s Charing Cross is approximately 11 miles. This is not far considering how close it is to meet Sutton Escorts. The name Sutton originates from Old English suth tun, which in modern English means “the south farm”. It appeared in the Domesday Book as Sudtone. Little has happen in the Sutton’s history until the 19th century. When it became an important point on the turnpike road that led from London to Brighton. The town grew around the toll bars that where located in Sutton since then. Upon the arrival of the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway the population of Sutton rose from several hundred in 1851 to over 10000 in 1881. Since there were very few houses in Sutton before the mid-19th century. Most of the local architecture is in Victorian or Edwardian style.  

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Sutton Escorts

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